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Thursday, November 1, 2007

PCMAV 1.0 Final & 2.0

Posted on October 23rd, 2007 in Pengumuman by admin

Newest generation of PCMAV immediately attend in 2008.

Besides innovating PCMAV 1.0 RCXX go to version 1.0 Final of Release, in this time we also is drawing up PCMAV 2.0 newest generation. Because of technical reason, especially total transfer to newest type compiler and writing repeat code at component of is core of, hence expected in II year kuartal 2008 waiting series 2.x can be released by opening replace series 1.x.

PCMAV 2.0 will be enhanced by some new fitur ( which also represent result of from previous polling), some fortunate among others:

  • Integration of Cleaner interface and of RTP in especial module of PCMAV.
  • All New GUI “ Lookie”, name of newest interface to be break even 2.x to come up more interesting, more informative, operated easier and, of course, more pleasant
  • New Core Engine All. Yielding performa of accurate and quickest detection!
  • Facility quarantine and delivery of virus sampel.
  • Newest Database virus Auto-update of PCMAV.
  • Database virus Auto-update of Clamav MAIN.CVD and of DAILY.CVD.
  • Usage of break even Clamav engine 0.9x newest generation, to replace break even Clamav engine 0.8x which have been used by in generation of PCMAV 1.0 RCXX. With 0.9x series this more than 115.000 malware can detect, including enamel phishing. Besides, performa of speed of inspection of better file even also compared to series 0.8x.

So stay tuned for no more viruses! (last update: 23 Oct 2007)